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The secret sauce behind a great video script

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Video work is part art, part science. As a copywriter, you're responsible for kicking off the process with a kickass script, but finding a creative hook can be tough when you're having to consider things like location limitations, blocking, costumes, props, actors and more.

When I think of projects done right, two videos come to mind. One is a new safety product launch from MCR Safety and another is a commercial for a Memphis-based cheese dip line (this was truly a labor of love).

Some reasons why the scripting process went so well for both videos:

  • I worked with an amazingly creative and capable video production and design team. They took the first pass at creative direction, but then they let me take the reigns on the script.

  • We talked through the script before it was fully baked. Several times. I love doing this. It gives you time to make tweaks and edits before you've sunken hours into a finished product. When you've spent hours working on a complete draft, it can be very deflating to go back and make revisions or rewrites.

  • The clients were clear on what they did and did not want in the videos. Having these notes ahead of time and asking the right questions during discovery prevented wasted time down the road.

See the finished products for yourself:

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